Friday, March 13, 2009

On My Mind

Random things I haven't blogged about over the last few months:

Owen's coat.
Has anyone else noticed that it looks a little small? Like maybe two sizes too small? Let me explain. We buy our kids coats a little big, so we can try to get two years out of it. Is that bad? Well, this happened to be going on the third year for Owen, but really when you live in Maryland (and you are Owen), you don't need much more than a sweater for most of the winter (or at least that's what you try to tell your mom every time you go outside, and she tells you to put your coat on - or maybe he just told me that because his coat was cutting the circulation off in his wrists...). Anyway, I didn't want to buy him a new coat to wear twice, and then put into storage. So, now I'm thinking next year we can buy him a size too big, he can wear it for two years, and then he will be six and only have owned two coats in his life! Awesome!

More charts.
This was the sequel to Schorr Family Fitness Fun! We ate no sugar for the whole month (except for Evelynn's birthday)! To answer some of your questions:
1. Yes, the kids did it too.
2. "No sugar" to us was basically "no treats". We already avoid things like juice, fruit snacks, sugar cereal, etc, so for this month, we omitted any and all treats and tried to be more conscious with things like yogurt and breads. We still allowed fresh fruits.
3. It was more about the lesson than the rules, as with our running. There were a couple of days (at friends' houses or at the store) where the kids wanted treats, but I was happy that they both recognized that a healthy body is important and were at least able to delay the gratification, because, as with our running, there was a reward (I just can't remember what it was. I think we might have made fruit pizza - you know, a healthy treat.).

The treasure map
that Evelynn drew for Dave's birthday. I wouldn't let myself throw it away before I scanned it. Finally scanned.

I got my hair cut.
And yes, Evelynn is playing with it. And yes, I think it's kind of gross.
I got it cut to just below my shoulders, which left just about ten inches - apparently enough to donate to Locks of Love, hence the ponytail that Evelynn is petting.

Ahhhh, random things blogged - check.


Heatherlyn said...

You are a wonderful mother.

I got a kick out of the too-small coat. Too funny.

A month without sugar. It couldn't be anything but good. Maybe we should try it sometime!

OK, so now you've got to start posting some pictures of your new adventure in Hawaii for those of us (who are no where near blue water) to oggle over! :)

adventure knitter said...

Looking at that picture of Owen I just keep thinking "fat guy in a little coat...." too funny! And I second the motion to see pictures of hawaii!