Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hawaii Week One.

We've been in Hawaii now exactly one week. We've been to the beach once and the pool twice (I know, that's it?). We've eaten at Kua'aina and Duke's, gotten shave ice from Matsumoto's and chocolate haupia pie (and pineapple macadamia nut cheesecake, of course) from Ted's. We've watched one sunset, been to one luau, and had one barbecue. We've had two guests:

Brant (Dave's brother), who took Dave golfing once (and let's be honest, supported most of our other activities financially no matter how much we protested)

Lisa (or Liza? or just Elizabeth, which is what we called her all week, before we found out she goes by Lisa), who made us yummy tortillas! and mexican food!
We've had one flash flood warning (you should hear the rain on those metal roofs):

And I've taken three pictures (sorry, everything else will still be here next week. and the week after. and the week after....etc, etc, etc.).
Don't worry. There will be plenty of pictures.


adventure knitter said...

when can i schedule my TDY??

Robinson Duo said...

Tropical paradise. Ahhhhhhh. Missing Maryland?

Heatherlyn said...

That ONE last picture just looks so so lovely. Of course, we are "enjoying" Idaho in the not-quite-spring-yet state. Keep taking pictures and posting them for us to enjoy!

AJ said...

Ah sweet sweet Duke's. Love that place.

Cal said...

Did you teach your guests (and your fam) what mahalo really means? That should've been first thing on your to do list I would think.

AZangl said...

Darn it! We were just in Hawaii and then I remembered as we were leaving ~ I think Sjauna's here! I should fly back and see you (I wish)!