Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fitness Fun!

I like running. I love it actually. I'm not really good at it. In fact, when I "run" it's right around a good walking pace for Dave, so I guess the term "running" is relative, but it's running to me, and I love it. It clears my mind, helps me get out pent up energy and frustration (if necessary), and just makes me feel healthier in general. Plus it feels good to focus on something physically difficult and accomplish it (kind of like childbirth without an epidural - chew on that. seriously, you can do it! - if you want to, that is :)
So, in an effort to keep my family focused on healthy living, and give them an opportunity to experience all of the above, I stole an idea from someone else. Actually I have no idea where I came up with this idea, but I'm pretty sure I remember hearing something like it before (if I got it from you, please feel free to remind me). I call it
Schorr Family Fitness Fun.
Hooray! (I like alliteration, by the way.)
Here's how you do it. First take your family to a place where they can run. We chose a local high school track, because it was summer time, so we were the only ones on the track, and we could let the kids run at their own pace, while we ran at our own pace, and we could see them the entire time. Start with some stretching:
Come on, Owen you can do it.
Evelynn loves stretching.
There you go.
Then get out there and run!
Don't forget water bottles for pit stops.
And cheer the runners on with a lot of high fives.
Okay, so these pictures were totally posed, but you get the idea right?
The first time we went was just to get an idea of how many laps were physically possible for us. Then we made goals and charts. The plan was to run once a week for four weeks. Then after running each week, we came home and colored a star for each lap we ran.

Owen enjoyed being reminded that he was like Lightning McQueen, and Evelynn enjoyed running faster than the boys, either with me or on her own. Sixteen laps for Evelynn, fourteen for Owen (look closely and you can see the kids "goal" stars on their charts), and twenty-four for Dave and me (this was a reasonable number for us to get done while helping the kids, and before they got bored. Dave ended up exceeding his goal). We had to be pretty flexible with our running - like taking turns running with the kids and running on our own for a lap or two, running half a lap one direction, and then turning around and running back (that big track can get old for a three-year-old), and sometimes even walking with the kids, but we were able to keep it fun the whole time and we all met our goals, so we all got a healthy treat! and hopefully we all got a lesson on making and reaching goals, exercise and healthy living, and family fun! We'll see you all out there next summer!


Jason said...

This is an awesome idea. Jamie and I have gone running around our complex late in the evening after the kids are asleep. Nothing consistant though. You guys did quite a lot of laps.

Hizzeather said...

You are such a good mom! Those pics of the kids stretching are freaking precious! :)

Callie and Grant Lippard said...

excellent smithers.

Aaron and Melissa said...

Super cute! I love it, love it, love it. The kids look so adorable. I love the picture of Evie stretching. You guys are so awesome!