Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trumped Again!

trump n. 1. A suit in card games that outranks all other suits for the duration of a hand.
ex. 1. If my life were part of a card game, basketball would be the trump.
2. Basketball trumps my wife.

In our house, February and March are a hard time to plan trips. It's usually the time of year that there are claw marks on the back of our front door where the kids and I have tried to escape, but it's also the time of year where Tenacious D (still stands for Defense, although I must admit, Dave can be rather tenacious) is wrapping up their plans for the tournament. Between Wednesday night ball and Friday/Saturday games, there isn't much time to leave town and get very far (like to a beach somewhere, oh to see the sun!). If you'll recall last year, Dave planned a trip in December around the possibility of the championship game in March. I'm not kidding, basketball is serious stuff around here.
We found out a couple of months ago that Dave's sister would be coming up from Texas to check out a program at Duke University in North Carolina. We did the best we could to plan a trip to meet her around a basketball game, and with hopes that Tenacious D's record would come out on top, we planned the trip for this weekend when they would get a bi (by?, bye?... a break) in the tournament. Well, they played a little too well, and ended up being bumped up to the A League tournament (they are in the B League). Their game was scheduled Friday night at 8pm against the best team in the league. Great. I tried to convince him that since they didn't have a chance, he could just skip the game, and we could be down to North Carolina by noon on Friday, but he would have none of that. Never abandon your team (except, of course, when you talk back to the ref and get suspended from the next game - why didn't we plan the trip that weekend?). Apparently basketball trumps his sister too.
So, they played the game. And Actually they did a great job! They started off seven points behind, and kept in within ten for most of the game - even pulling up to a three point difference with seven minutes left. Now that's Tenacious!

Here are some pictures from the game (please excuse the quality, I haven't yet learned the art of sports photography). Number 13 is the only one missing (out of town on business), except of course some of our friends from last year that have moved away (sniff sniff).

After the game we drove to North Carolina and got in around 3am. Oh the things I do for my husband. (Actually I love that he plays basketball, and I like to watch. Trumped or not.)
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Amelia said...

don't worry....basketball trumps me too...sniff, sniff...

snyderman said...

It's okay Sjauna, if I was married, Basketball would trump my wife, too.