Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun With Foam

The Foam Book by Klutz. So, cute. Evie got this for Christmas from her Grandma and Grandpa Schorr along with a big pack of colorful card stock, and don't ask me why, but we didn't break it open until this week. The glue that came with it was a little dry, but thankfully Owen gave Evie multi-pack of glue sticks for Christmas! She got straight to work.

What I love about it: It's something different that gives Evelynn some great examples in the book, but still allows her to really use her creativity and think outside the box. And the pre-cut pieces eliminate the need for me to supervise her work with the scissors.
What Evelynn loves about it: The shapes, specifically, "making stuff out of them".

Check out other Klutz kid-friendly creative projects for wintertime fun, including games and puzzles here. I'm excited to try out some of their travel activities!

She was so busy, she wouldn't look at the camera.

The finished product - sort of. She first made the cat, wanted to add the bunny the next day, and today she wanted to put a sun on too.
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