Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Russia

In Russia...
there are a lot of signs that have random English on them (this one is a name, so maybe not so random, but still). I think it's very interesting, and it makes me think of signs in the United States that that have random Chinese characters on them. And phone numbers are the same length, but spaced differently, which is confusing to me. (Also, no one wears sweatshirts or baseball caps - in the rest of the world, pretty much - so I don't recommend it, unless you are trying to make a statement or possibly risk your safety. or unless you are Dave, who may or may not be exhibiting one or both of the aforementioned tactics to communicate.)
*update: I just noticed that there's another guy in the picture wearing a hoodie under his coat, haha I guess some people wear sweatshirts.
You can buy all kinds of matroshka dolls. There are Russian ones - new and traditional, Disney princesses, famous athletes, Santas, bunnies, astronauts, even unfinished ones that you can paint yourself (any requests?)

You can buy fur. Isn't it interesting that in America if people wear fur, they get flour or red paint thrown on them, but here people are covered from head to toe in it. I haven't bought one yet, but I plan to get a hat. Please don't throw red paint on me.

Instead of cross walks at most major roads and intersections, they have perekhods that go under the street. There are also a lot of babushkas dragging carts full of stuff behind them all over the city, so to accommodate them (and our little monkeys), they have these little tracks on the stairs. They are convenient for strollers, if your stroller fits (they are not standard sizes). But not all stairs have them. You never know.
In Russia...
You just never know.

*these pictures were taken in September

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