Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back In The Day...

Before we left the country...
We took a trip to New York!
It was just a quick couple of nights, and it was so much fun!
We had already moved out of our house and were staying in a hotel anyway, so we decided that hotel could be the Marriott Marquis in Times Square for a couple of nights. The view was awesome!
We took the kids to the "top of the Rock", played and shopped at the Nintendo store, went to FAO Schwartz (where Evelynn designed her own Barbie and watched it take a turn on the runway), rode the ferris wheel inside the huge Toys R Us store, and took a local's recommendation to eat lunch at Mars 2112. Do not eat at Mars 2112. (Unless you plan on taking a time machine back to 1982 when I'm sure it was an awesome, happening place) We thought it would be fun for the kids. It wasn't fun for the kids. Why do local recommendations never work for us? Tour books. That's what works for us.

We took the ferry to see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, and then hightailed it on the New York subway back to check out of our hotel. I thought the subway would be a fun thing to do with the kids, and it was.

We asked a police officer in Times Square for a recommendation for lunch, and he suggested TGIFridays (do we never learn our lesson?), so we looked at the crowd outside Junior's across the street, and decided to head there instead (if there is a crowd, it's probably good right? plus, I think my Dad maybe used to eat there when he visited New York). It was delicious! And we picked up some cupcakes (of course) to-go before hopping in the car for the long drive back to our Maryland hotel (and note that the cupcakes got a little smashed on the ride, but don't they still look delicious?! they were! it's making my mouth water just thinking about it. will someone please open a cupcake shop in moscow!)

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