Wednesday, November 03, 2010

After School

I love to provide my children with great experiences. Because of that, if there are convenient opportunities, I usually try to take them. Well, this time I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Evelynn's school offers plenty of convenient, fun, affordable activities. Combine that with the worry that I may go crazy stuck inside all winter in Moscow, and I signed up for everything under the sun. Or under the cloud cover as the case may be.
First, there are after school clubs. Jewelry Making, Cooking, Irish Dance, Roller Blading, Sports, Computers, Adventure Club, Under Water Basket Weaving (just kidding). They are all free, and they run in sessions, so your kids can try out several different ones. It's great.

Girl Scouts. Evie has been asking to do Girl Scouts for a few years. We sort of wandered into this one, and it has ended up being more of a hassle than it was worth. They wanted me to be the leader. I'm not the leader. I'll leave it at that. But I will say that Evelynn still loves it, which is the only reason she's still doing it.

Of course Evelynn has to do ballet. Especially with a Russian teacher. Check him out. :) And they get to do 15 minutes of hip hop at the end, which is hilarious to me. Especially when she comes out of ballet singing MC Hammer's Can't Touch This.
And flex... and point... and flex... and point...

She also does swimming. Which this is not a picture of. I forgot my camera on the swimming day. She has swimming as part of her regular school week, but I wanted her (and Owen) to get some more practice, so we are doing after school once a week too. Ask me how I like that when the air is cold enough to turn their hair into icicles in less than a minute.
And we usually try to make it to the library once a week after school too. (also not pictured)
I have in my mind that the only thing that will keep me sane in the dark, cold winter is getting out. And if I don't commit to something now, then there's nothing that will convince me to go outside below freezing. So, if it doesn't kill me first then, the craziness of these after school activities may just be what saves me.
I'll let you know sometime in May.

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