Monday, October 25, 2010


This is the Moscow Metro.
I take it everywhere.
Okay, well I take it to the embassy.
And that's about it.
On weekends, we take it around town - sightseeing, shopping for ballet shoes, to District Conference. To McDonalds. :)
No one smiles.
And always someone gives me their seat (I usually have Barb in the Baby Bjorn).
And if I don't take their seat (like if my stop is next, and I say no thank you), sometimes they get mad.
Or sometimes, other people who are standing will get mad at people who are sitting and tell them to move, so I can sit down.
One time this lady got one person to move, and then three people to slide down, so I could sit down.
People are always very nice about helping when you have children around here.
But they still don't smile.
These are the biiiiggg, loooonnng escalators they have going down into the metro stations (some are shorter). They are very steep, and give me vertigo, and make me freak out about my kids falling down on them every time we go on them. People always stand to the right, and those who are walking can walk up the left. If only they could figure that out on the street.
This is Moscow traffic:
And see that white van straight ahead? It's an ambulance. No one moves for ambulances. But I don't really blame them, because the rumor is that some ambulances will take money to give people rides, like a taxi. We just pray that we will never need an ambulance in Moscow.
And traffic really isn't like this all the time.
But I'm probably not a good judge, because I don't get out in the car very much.
At least not yet.
Because this:
This is our car!!! And, after a long boat ride, it's somewhere in this country!
Hopefully, we will be getting it this week! and then....
Well, I don't know what then, because I still don't speak Russian, but at least then I'll have my car!
Oh, I know! Then, we won't have to try to find a ride to church every week!
And we'll have our car!

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