Monday, October 25, 2010

Lest We Think She Be Forgotten

We asked Evie if she wanted to "celebrate" her birthday (read: open her presents) before we moved or after. She decided she wanted to celebrate together on her Dad's birthday.
So, we did our traditional treasure/present hunt for them, and they opened their gifts before Dave had to go to work. Then after Evie's favorite dinner, macaroni and cheese, we had some cake and ice cream. Evie picked the ice cream, and Dave picked the cake, because he had to have his traditional pineapple upside down cake (which we bought instead of made, because it was less than a week before the movers came). Evie had wanted some Costco cupcakes, but she made the sacrifice for Dave :) (okay, let's be honest, I was the one who was really disappointed about the Costco cupcakes. I've been wanting to buy them for years, and now I won't get a chance for at least two more years!!!).

Evie's Birthday, Round Two came in our very first package after getting here!
Dave's parents sent her present and a few things for the family.

And that's not all...
Round Three: these yummy cookies I baked to send to school on her actual birthday (I had to buy a pan from Ikea, because our stuff wasn't here, and Dave got most of the ingredients from the commissary).
And, finally, Round Four: Calling Grandparents so they could wish her a Happy Birthday!, her favorite macaroni and cheese again (from the commissary), and this gorgeous cake from the French bakery we found!!!

She also got to choose a Ken doll on our trip to New York (a gift from Grandma), got a birthday card with money from Great-Grandma, and a gift and a treat from some cute neighbors here. Lucky girl had a two and a half month long birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ev! Thanks for being awesome!
P.S. She walked herself to school today. Sniff, sniff.

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