Friday, October 29, 2010

"Pumpkin Patch"

No Halloween in Russia = no pumpkin patch in Russia.
That's one thing I love about our time in Maryland - a fall family photo at the pumpkin patch every year. And when I say pumpkin patch, I guess I really mean farm, because the "pumpkin patches" that I grew up with were more like a bunch of hay bales piled with pumpkins in the corner parking lot.
So, the Girl Scouts do a pumpkin sale here at the school every year, and that, my friends, was our pumpkin patch this year.

Technically, I think it should have been called a squash sale, because while the shape and size of some of the products may have resembled pumpkins... the color was a little off.
Is there a rule that says orange pumpkins can only be grown in the United States?

Everyone adhered to the family rule - you have to be able to carry it.
(But I think Barb cheated a little, because she was in the stroller. I could carry a pumpkin - or squash - bigger than me if I could be pushed around in a stroller, too!)

Ready for Halloween!
(and if you think I'm going to try to carve those things... well you're wrong. although several of our neighbors have done an admirable job with theirs.)
Our community also hosted a "pumpkin patch" but not at a time when we could all go. And also it was super windy and raining, so Owen and I ran and grabbed a mini little pumpkin and some cold food, and ran home.
We'll have to find somewhere else to take pictures this year.

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