Sunday, October 03, 2010

The First Day of School

Okay, so technically it was the first Thursday of the third week of school, but who's counting?
First grade.
And for the record, this is the only time she has ever worn this outfit. I'm not sure what that means, but it's just for the record.

We got school supplies before we left the States, and I'm so glad we did! (see previous post) It took a long time to finally decide on this back pack, so I wanted to make sure to get a picture of it.
The school is about a five to ten minute walk (depending on Owen's shoes), so twice a day each day, we all get packed up and trek down there. If it's dry, Barb gets a ride in the stroller. If it's wet, she gets a ride on my hip or in the Baby Bjorn (at least until the weather shield I ordered for the stroller gets here).
So far, we love the school! It's a little more relaxed than our last school (two recesses! yay!), and has tons of extra curricular opportunities, so where Evelynn may not be getting the same "classroom" learning she was getting last year, she is getting a lot of social (and cultural!) education.
The school also has a middle school and high school, and with all of the parents all over the place all of the time has an interesting community feel to it - almost like a small college (and out of 18 kids in Evelynn's class, they speak at least 12 different languages!). We use the cafeteria and the libraries regularly.
Owen is at a preschool that is also a five to ten minute walk (no pictures of his first day of school either - it all happened so quickly!). I don't know exactly why it's so perfect - whether the teachers, the fact that it's Montessori, Owen's age, I'm not sure, but it all seems to be working out so well, that I'm inclined to give equal credit to all. Right now he only goes three mornings a week, but I may add some time... if I could just... let... go....

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