Sunday, October 10, 2010


We've had an interesting evolution in Owen's prayers recently.

It seems like we've been trying to teach him for a long time to really think about his prayers, rather than just repeating what we say or quickly spitting a couple of things out and ending the prayer as soon as possible.

A few weeks ago one of his grandfathers had surgery, and for some reason that seemed to hit home with him. Every prayer for over a week (meal prayers included), he would ask that Grandpa get better from his surgery and not get any more kidney stones.

And now.... we've entered a whole new world of prayers from Owen.
Owen's family prayer the other night included such gems as:

"...please bless everyone in our family, I mean everyone in the world to get better in three days like (what's His name? Jesus?) after he died...."
"...please bless everything twice and thank triple...."

So if you need any special blessings, just let us know.
We'll pass it on to Owen.

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