Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Sunday Stroll

Our first Sunday in town was also our first full day in town. We had jetlag pretty bad, and it was gloomy and rainy, so we mostly just hung out around home and tried to stay awake. Our second Sunday, the weather was much nicer, so we decided to go out exploring (well, it was more of Dave showing us around than exploring, since he had done all of the exploring before the kids and I got here).
Walking through our neighborhood (which we LOVE!).

My girls with some cool Russian sidewalk behind them.
Owen's Bowser face. He loves to do this in pictures.

We walked over this bridge that has a pretty view. There were several couples kind of cuddling, and Dave says he thinks it's a popular date spot. So, we joined them.
We asked Evie to take the picture, and then sneaked a kiss while she took it.
"Ew, gross. I can not believe I just did that. I can't believe I took a picture of you guys kissing!"

And home through a Russian neighborhood.
(this picture is actually of the dog in the dead center, but I waited too long to take the picture, and now it's too far away. I wanted a picture of it, because it's a wild dog, and they are pretty much everywhere here.)

Welcome to a little of our Moscow. :)

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