Thursday, September 23, 2010


Barb has adjusted really well to our new home.
She's been busy clapping, and waving to everyone we walk past everywhere (even though only half the people know she's actually waving and not just wiggling her cute little arm). Being one of very few babies out and about, she attracts a lot of attention. My favorite are the random babushkas who speak like five minutes of straight Russian to her (I'm told they are saying she isn't dressed properly for the weather, but I just smile and nod - I'm such a good foreigner).

She's doing the best she can to try to figure out how to get anything and everything into her mouth....

...because now she has some teeth! What a big girl!
And, some of you may find it hard to believe, but she's also doing some of this:

and would you believe how cute it is?!
This one is never growing up. I won't let her. I've already done that twice. The world doesn't need another grown up, anyway.

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