Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tenacious D

We just wrapped up another season with Dave's basketball team, Tenacious D. That makes FIVE seasons! Wow!
The annual team photo.
Alternative Caption: One of these things is not like the others.

I snapped this the other night, even though we were missing two players (plus two others moved during the season), because we will be out of town for the last game. Five of the guys on the team this year have been on the team since it's inception. Dave and Tyler (on the left) are the "co-captains" and pretty much have this team down to a science. If you think there isn't a reason for each of these people on the team, you are sadly mistaken. And I have to admit, I think the planning pays off. They work hard, and usually win. Good combo.

Here's a good example of their hard work.
Dave setting a pick.
Alternative caption: Protecting the family jewels.

More hard work.
Hey, somebody has to keep the stats. I should know. I spent two long years doing it in high school for the boys basketball team. At least that's what I think I was doing. It could have just been called another-way-to-get-to-know-some-of-the-players-on-the-boys-basketball-team-and-flirt-at-every-opportunity. No, I'm pretty sure it was stats.

Fast break.
Alternative caption: Red basketball shoes.

Can't find Dave?
Look for the red basketball shoes.

Fans of the team.
I think they are only watching because I am taking a picture, and they don't want to look bad. At one game, we didn't even know until the end that the game had been forfeited, and the teams were just scrimmaging. Oops.
It has been suggested to change the name of the team to The Fast-Breeders and The Breast-Feeders.
There were two babies born and at least three pregnant wives this season (anyone else have an announcement?). And it's been like that every season! If I'm counting correctly, there were 27 kids this year! I'm sure the facilities people were happy that we all didn't come to every game!

Fans of Mario.
And basketball too.
But mostly Mario.

Good block, honey!
Alternative caption: Tippy toes.

The Altercation
Alternative caption: none. Things got a little tense there for a while. Those guys were serious. Seriously upset to be losing!!! Hahaha!
Go Tenacious D!

Align Center
For those of you who were wondering...
he missed.
But he tried as hard as he could, and he had fun, and that's all that matters, right?

Good game!


adventure knitter said...

Nice! How many kids did we have when the team started??? Will you email me some of those photos!

Heatherlyn said...

Cool! I love it when adults continue to play a sport or be involved in something that they love even when they are all grown up! Your post was interesting! I had no idea you did stats in high school. It sounds like it would have been fun!