Saturday, August 01, 2009

Isn't She Wonderful?

Me and Ev at my favorite photo spot!
I took her on a date last week. I know I've mentioned it before, but I love our dates! Dave and I take turns taking the kids out for dates. When we started doing it, the idea was to go once a month, but we don't make it nearly that often. I probably take the kids out three or four times a year, and Dave probably takes them a little more often than that. Sometimes it's before or after Dave travels. Sometimes it's when we notice that one or both of the kids needs a little extra attention. Sometimes it's before or for a special event.

I always love the time we spend.

I talk to my kids all the time, but I love that I can schedule time to turn off the distractions of the world, and just talk to them individually. Above all, I try to keep it casual, but I love taking the opportunity to talk to them about feelings and to build our relationship. I am anticipating a day when my kids' friends won't want to talk with their parents. I hope that things like this will help us to avoid that. If not, at least we'll have great memories. :)

I was feeling kind of sick, so I didn't take my camera, but a local nail salon has a "kid's menu". How cute is that? Evie and I got pedicures, and she got her fingernails painted. She loved it! It was her favorite part.

I had a coupon for a children's clothing store, so we went to the mall and she got to pick out a couple of new outfits.

We were just planning on getting a treat, but by the time we were done it was dinner time, and there happened to be a Farrell's in the mall, so we went it. Have you ever been to Farrell's? It's a fun little place. Sort of an old fashioned soda shop, I think? As usual, Evie got to order whatever she wanted. She went for her usual, mac n' cheese (hey, it's a step up from the ice cream sundae she ordered for dinner on our first date two years ago), and we shared a brownie sundae for dessert. Yum!

My favorite part was when Evie said we should get our nails done all the time, and I reminded her that it was probably too expensive to do very often. She replied thoughtfully,
"Oh yeah. I'm glad Daddy's going to work on Monday to get us some more money."


adventure knitter said...

that's awesome! i should take the girls to get their nails done...they would think that's the best thing ever.

Mike said...

hazel just loves it when sam takes her to get a french manacure (not sure how to spell french manacure... did this ruin the joke). :)

Heatherlyn said...

My kids would LOVE dates like that. Unfortunately, they got the idea that it was just a time to go shopping for something that they wanted so now they don't get to "get" anything on their dates. Jeremy takes the kids (one kid each week) to a little local diner for a meal and a milkshake. The kids love it. They love the attention.

You are such a wonderful Mom. Your kids are so lucky to have you! That is a beautiful picture spot!!!!

Sjauna said...

Yeah, the last date Dave took Evie on, they had to stop at Target, so he got her a toy, and let her pick one out for Owen. She was hoping I would do the same thing.

Our dates in Maryland are usually more simple, like just lunch wherever they choose. Evie usually chooses Bob Evans (kind of like Denny's).

Aaron and Melissa said...

I LOVE that picture of you two. SO CUTE and I agree, great photo shoot spot. We don't have dates too often with the kids, but it is sure fun when we do! Yours sounded so cute. I wish I was more creative around here.