Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Schorr Inn

We have loved being able to have so many of our friends and family come visit us this summer! We love company and we love Hawaii and we love being able to share it with those we love! (Plus, they usually come well armed with tips for places to visit that we haven't been to yet.) We had a few visitors earlier in the summer, which I already wrote about, and these are the latest:
This is Heather and Cody. Also known as Heather Hooker or Nacho, Heather is a good friend of mine from high school. I didn't like her the first time I met her, but now I love her! Do you have any friends like that? She said she gets that a lot. In high school, she wanted me to run for Winter Ball Court, so she submitted my application (did you pay a fee Heather?) and campaigned for me, hanging little signs and posters all over campus. I won (got?) Princess. I'm pretty sure most people didn't know who I was, and I only won because of Heather's super cute signs, and also because my name was the only remotely black name on the ballot (the only black girl that was running was disqualified for streaking during a football game the week before Winter Ball). Thanks for putting my name out there Heather. Heather and Cody just got married in January, so this was kind of a second honeymoon for them. They brought a huge list of things they wanted to do and let me put it together into an itinerary for them. It was so much fun! And they took pictures out the sunroof of their rental car. They're my kind of Hawaii people.

The day Heather and Cody left, my Mom flew in. She is graduating from BYU this summer (yay, mom!), and rather than us fly out for a graduation ceremony, we decided to help her fly out here and see Hawaii. She was able to come for three weeks! We were going to have so much fun! I was going to show her every corner of the island! Only I wasn't anticipating being so sick. We still had a lot of fun, and we saw a lot of the island, but we also spent a lot of time relaxing, and I am ever so grateful! She's planning on coming back with my step-dad sometime, so we left a few things that they can do together. :)

This is James and Lyndsie. James was Dave's roommate in college, and he and Lyndsie were dating/engaged when Dave and I started dating/got engaged. Our first date was a double date with them. After I had just told Dave that I "just wanted to be friends", but that we could still go out that Friday night (long story - for the record I thought I was going to marry him about four months before this, and no, I wasn't playing games), I had to call last minute and cancel the date (another long story - it was a very good reason!). James and Lyndsie were the ones who convinced him not to give up on me. My children have them to thank for their existence. It's been three years since we've seen them, so it was fun to hang out and catch up. They are big fans of Lost, so they did a little research and discovered some of the filming sights, which we visited. It was on a part of the island that we've never even been to! Thanks guys!

And our most recent guests, AJ and Jayne. They made me cookie dough. And they have a son almost exactly Owen's age. Owen was sad that he couldn't come. We met them at church in Maryland where AJ was going to pharmacy school (pharmacist school?). By the way, did you know that even if you didn't have pharmaceutical questions before, it's amazing how many you will have when you know a pharmacist! I was asking poor AJ questions all weekend! He graduated, and they packed up and moved to California while we were here in Hawaii, so we were super excited that they could come hang out with us this summer. Maryland won't be the same without them when we go back. Of course, I'll always have their cookie dough recipe.

So we've been pretty busy and having so much fun! And the summer's not over yet! One of my little brothers is coming in tomorrow! He'll be our last guest, and then we go home. Of course, we still have that pesky little problem of finding a home to go home to. But we're just taking things one day at a time. One day at at time.


Hizzeather said...

We LOVED our stay at the Schorr Inn! I wish it was open year-round! Well, it is, but the location changes. :) We hope we can visit you in Maryland and all the other corners of the Earth you guys move to.

I barely remember that whole Winter Ball memory sucks! If there was a fee you know I got it waived...I've always had great connections! :) I love making signs! Funny thing is I always ran for stuff, same signs, never got elected to any office. I did actually win class President my freshman year, but it was by less than 10%, and Jacquie won in the re-vote. Bummer.

Sjauna said...

Yeah, I also wondered if maybe it was fixed, since Marty was my date, and he and two friends counted the votes.

Marty if you're reading this... did you throw a couple extra votes in there for me? Not enough for queen, obviously, because who would believe that, but just enough for me to get a cute little tiara?

Hizzeather said...

Ummm...Marty does not read your blog! :) ha ha!

Sjauna said...


AJ, PharmD said...

It was so great to see you guys. We wish we could have stayed longer. Stupid job! At any rate, you'll always have the cookie dough recipe. Plus, we have a good reason to visit MD again (or wherever the winds may take you). Thanks again.

Pharmacy School is correct by the way.

Lyndsie said...

I feel so special that I am on your blog!!! We had a great time (I want to go back!!!). We can't thank you enough for being a awesome tour guide!!! We loved everywhere you told us to go and the yummy resturants you told us to eat at!!! We had fun seeing you guys. We have missed you.

Heatherlyn said...

I love your picture spots! I wish we could have come to visit!!