Friday, July 31, 2009

As For Me...

20 Confessions
By Me.

Because I don't talk about myself enough.

1. I have two Miley Cyrus songs on my ipod. I really like one of them. Evie and I sing along to it in the car.

2. I also have a couple Lady Gaga songs. We like to dance to those ones.

3. If I had to say I had a craving this pregnancy, it would be potatoes and cold cuts. When I was pregnant with Evelynn, I made a shepherd's pie, and couldn't eat potatoes for over a year after that. Now I am craving them. I also love cold cuts (or it could just be the mustard/mayo/oil/vinegar/salt/pepper that I love), and I don't heat them up, so hopefully I don't get listeria. And I ate a hot dog the other day. And it was so good.

4. We had some company who mentioned something about making cookies one day, and after that I couldn't stop thinking about cookie dough. Thankfully, the Edmans showed up that weekend and made me some cookie dough without eggs!!! (their daughter is allergic to eggs)

5. That was Sunday, and there is still some cookie dough in the fridge today (Thursday). I think that's a personal record for me.

6. Even cookie dough without eggs can give you a tummy ache if you eat too much. So while bacteria wise it's "guilt free", apparently health wise, it isn't.

7. If I've started gaining weight at my next doctor's appointment, I will blame it on the cookie dough.

8. My "baby" belly has really started to "pop out" over the last couple of days. I blame it on the cookie dough.

9. I will not be showcasing a photo of me at a 45 degree angle, in a tight shirt, with one hand on top of my belly and one hand underneath, because let's face it, I haven't had a flat belly for a while, so what are we really comparing? But I may put a floating fetus over on the side of my blog, so that people who forget my due date (January 5th) will have a way to find it without having to ask me multiple times.

10. I never forget anyone's due date. Ever.

11. Just kidding.

12. When the cookie dough in my fridge is gone, I'm going to make more.

13. I have no self-control.

14. Oh, this is a good one - I got a bunch of "lightly used" maternity clothes from craigslist yesterday. 12 things, $45. I don't love them, but my wallet does.

15. I don't think I've owned 12 pieces of maternity clothes at the same time in my lifetime. How I got through two pregnancies, I have no idea.

16. I read your blog. Unless it's private. But I don't watch the videos.

17. I'm lazy.

18. I wasn't a huge fan of the Twilight books (oh who am I kidding, like anyone needs a link for that). I liked them, but... it's a long story. Anyway, I loved the first movie, and when I saw the preview for the next one, what is it called? New Moon? I think my mouth started watering a little.

19. The High Priest Group Leader just called me and asked me to let him into our gated community so that he could visit someone who they haven't been able to contact. I told him no.

20. I wanted to wear some comfy, baggy clothes the other night, so I asked Dave which one of his t-shirts I could use (something about after I wear something of his, I might as well just have it. I got a sweatshirt, some basketball shorts and some soccer shorts this way). He offered his 8-year-old, orange, BYU Snowriders t-shirt, and man is it comfy these days. He also generously offered for me to borrow some basketball shorts. "Hah," I said. They wouldn't fit. He's gained weight since the last ones I adopted, and besides those were smaller ones. I may be pregnant, but he's 6'6"! He kindly raised his eyebrows, refrained from commenting, and nodded his head. While I was getting his shirt, I saw some shorts in the drawer, and decided to just see. They might be a little loose, but maybe I could tighten the drawstring.
They fit.
And they were a little tight.
It must be the cookie dough.


The Baldwin Brigade said...

I'm so excited to see your belly grow! I met you just after you had Owen. I'm trying not to think about the fact we move approximately a week before your little one will most likely enter this world. . . It makes me too sad.

The Bradley's said...

Man I miss you. Can't wait til you get back. :)

adventure knitter said...

you're toooooooo funny. i miss my friend. i blame the cookie dough too...and I have some in my fridge right now too.

Emily said...

Something about this post made me think, "Cookie Dough!"

I must have some. Now.

Hizzeather said...

This is my favorite post of yours EVER. I love hearing about YOU! You are hilarious!

You did not tell him no...did you?

Sjauna said...

I did tell him no. For all I know that's why the guy moved in here - to avoid home teachers. :) Isn't that what gated communities are for?

Sjauna said...

But don't worry, he just called again, and Dave is going down to go over with him.

Cal said...

I can't decide if this post is more about you or cookie dough, but that's okay because either way, it's a delightful subject.

Heatherlyn said...

You are so dang cute! If I lived nearby I'd keep you fully stocked on cookie dough. The greatest part of being pregnant is no guilt over whatever you eat!

I also do not watch videos. Unless they are of my daughter dancing, on my own blog. Then I will watch it over and over again. Oh, and the jibjab videos are pretty great too. But that's it.

I'm also fairly lazy. (You sure get a lot done for being lazy. Must run in the family.)

I love your blog! I'm so glad you have kept it up!