Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keep Your Chins Up

I stumbled upon this etsy shop last night.

Creative. Genius.
Maybe it was my mood. Maybe it was the sarcastic cynic in me, but I was cracking up at these, torturing Dave across the room, interrupting his focus with a punchline every few minutes. I loved them.
And in case you [are not a sarcastic cynic or] find yourself racking your brain to think of someone you could send it to who wouldn't be offended (me! me! me!), they also have some very pretty non-hatemail designs. All printed on recycled paper (bonus! because, you know, I'm all about being green).
I also skimmed their blog, and got several good laughs out of it.


adventure knitter said...

how in the world did you stumble on this?? I'd totally send you one...

Cal said...

I like the one about the fourth person. These are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Okay these are my kind of messages!!