Friday, November 28, 2008

"Candy" Corn

I'm a hands on learner. As such, I always try to do something with the kids that will help them have good memories of things that I think are important. Now that our kids are getting older, I thought it would be fun to use real corn kernels or candy corn to represent the pilgrims "5 kernels of corn at the first Thanksgiving" and say five things we were thankful for. Well, I forgot to buy some corn for our dinner (hey, it wasn't on the original menu. my memory can not be held accountable for changes in plans.) and I had thrown away the Indian corn from our Turkey cupcakes, so I decided to improvise. While the turkey was roasting and the potatoes were boiling, I cut out some triangles and had the kids glue them together. Then we all wrote or drew some things that we were thankful for. Maybe it's because she is just learning to read/spell, but these were a couple of my favorites.

"DAD" complete with a heart and an accurate picture of what he was wearing yesterday.

and this one in the upper left - "chOkLiT" with a picture of a Hershey Kiss. I swear I didn't tell her to write that.
Oh yeah, and that one over there on the right is pretty nice too - see the "Sj"
No, that wasn't mine! I'm not that narcissistic.
I don't think.

I told the kids they had to write or draw it on their own and then we would talk about them before we ate. Other things they were thankful for: LeuP (lips), "hRuT" (heart), "RuoZ" (rose), ".uRD" (dot org - she likes to play on and don't feel bad if you thought something bad when you saw the ".uRD", I know I did. I was thankful for Evie's explanation), and of course the kids were thankful for each other and Dave and me. It was heartwarming for me, and I am glad that we took the time to do this. I haven't been taking the time to show my appreciation as much lately, and it was a good refresher. I think we should have Thanksgiving three or four times a year, just without all the food. Well, you can have the food if you want. But you better have mine too. Except for the chOkLiT, of course.

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adventure knitter said...

what a great idea! hopefully I can remember that one next year and steal the idea for my kids to do!!

Callie said...

you may not have told them to put "choklit", but you for sure told them how to spell it! And yes, I will come cook for you so we can spend months together and I can laugh with your kids. I had a dream with you in it last night, and dave. It's a sign I need to call you... Soon. PS, I put the Hole in the Wall recipe on there for you!

Heatherlyn Colt said...

OK, so I LOVE inventive spelling of kids and your kids did a super-great job (please tell them for me). I LOVED it. Thanks for taking the time to post it.