Friday, October 17, 2008

Road Trip New England: Destination One

On our recent trip to New England, we did stop in Connecticut, but this is the only proof.


We ate lunch at Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut before moving on to Rhode Island later that evening. The same Mystic Pizza from the movie (which funny enough, we hadn't even seen before the trip). I was still enjoying the feeling of being away from the daily grind, and I hadn't warmed up to being a tourist yet, so no pictures. I thought the pizza was okay, but the town was adorable. I would love to take more time there some day.
Other things we "saw" in Connecticut, but didn't see:
Mystic Seaport (a real "living history" seaport complete with a village, waterfront, and shipyard)

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Robinson Duo said...

You show too much good food on your blog. It makes me hungry everytime I visit and then I go down stairs and can't find anything nearly as good to eat.