Sunday, October 19, 2008

SKip-Bo Dave

Before Dave and I were married, my roommates occasionally referred to him as Skip-Bo Dave. He used to come over every Sunday and play Skip-Bo with us. He would play with all his cards faced up and almost always won. If he didn't win, then Callie won. And if Anne didn't win, then she threw the cards all over the place. And I never won. At least that's what I remember (Am I right ladies?). After a few months of this, Valentine's Day had rolled around, and our relationship had evolved into that tricky place that's more than a friendship, but I wasn't sure exactly how much more. I had no idea what to get him. He could be getting me anything from a box of chocolates to a diamond ring (hey, it was possible!) for all I knew. With a little help from my roommates, I decided on a picture of us in a frame and... don't laugh... a sugar cookie bouquet. I know. It was amazing. Don't be jealous (He still married me didn't he?). I picked out several different cookies to represent different things from our relationship, and get this - I even had them make a custom Skip-Bo card sugar cookie. Awe-Some. I thought it was pretty funny. I think he thought it was pretty weird, but he still has the framed picture of us on his desk at work, and we still play Skip-Bo.

And our roommates play with us.

They love to play cards with us. Especially since we bought these cool card holders around last Christmas.

Here's a closer look. They are perfect for little hands to play Skip-Bo. Or Uno, or Old Maid, which is Evie's favorite. And I love playing games together with my family. It's really one of the few things that we can all be involved in together. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

They're called Little Hands Card Holders and you can find them here at amazon. Or I think I picked mine up at a superstore like Target. I have also seen them at game stores, which are becoming increasingly rare, much to my husband's dismay.


adventure knitter said...

ooooh! like the new blog look! And why is it that when we did cute things for our hubbies when we were dating, they thought we were weird?? i wove an easter basket for tyler and filled it with candy. he let billy eat all the candy...and he thought the duck i got to go in the basket was creepy. rude! and yet we still ended up together. (but he WON'T play skip-bo with me...i'm the queen of that game and I dont' think he's ever beat me!)

Callie and Grant Lippard said...

Okay, do you remember how we made brownies one eve of playing Skip-Bo with S.B. Dave and his roommate and after playing, we were all sitting on the floor and you came around with the plate of brownies offering them to everyone, and Anne reached up to grab a brownie and the top button on her jeans popped open just as she was reaching for it? We were saying that her jeans knew what was coming. We were all laughing so hard, including Dave. Hilarious. Remember Anne playing Yahtzee, she would tip her head back, smile the biggest smile ever and yell "YHAT!ZEE!" , and one time she thought she had one and she tipped her head back and starting smiling and said "YHAT!" and then she realized it wasn't a Yahtzee and the joy left her face and she was like, "oh". So hilarious.