Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mountain Sap

There are a lot of things I love about Utah, but I think one of the things I miss the most is the mountains... are the mountains?... is the mountains? Which is correct? I never know. Remind me to tell you about Orange Peelz sometime. Anyway... I love how no matter where you are in Provo and Orem, you can just look up and see the mountains. They are always there. A constant reminder of nature and the loving hand of God. The gorgeous, magnanimous, mountains. They take my breath away. I love how they shade the morning and salute the sunset. I love how the clouds hug them on rainy days. I just love the mountains. It's something I will always remember about Utah. Sorry for being so sappy.
So, something else I like about the close proximity to mountains is the plethora of nature activities that it affords. I'm not a huge nature person. At. All. In fact, I am afraid of most things in nature, like bugs, bees, bears, et cetera. And my obsessive compulsive side really doesn't sit well with the whole camping scene either. But I do appreciate nature, and as long as I feel completely protected from the elements, I really enjoy spending time in it. I love it actually. I view it as really getting back to who I am as a human being in my own little way, and it brings me happiness.
All that said, I wanted to make sure that we spent some time in the mountains while we were in Utah, and what better way to do that than to go to Sundance Resort? Well, I'm sure you can probably think of a better way, but it sounded perfect to me. I love Sundance. I've made a lot of good memories at and around Sundance. Plus, I read online that Sundance has a nature center for kids, so I thought we would go check out the "hands on" activities. We made the beautiful drive up and found the nature center closed, but the kids still had fun running around in the trees and playing near the water. I enjoyed following them around, breathing the fresh air, and of course, checking out the shops. I love Sundance. If you're budget allows it, and you're in the area, I totally recommend some time there. Breakfast at the Foundry Grill is heavenly.

Looking for fish. They had some huge fish swimming around in the water.

Playing hide and seek around the trees with Grandma Rowe.

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Heather said...

I just love that picture of you & the kids!!!!!

Stacey Mom said...

Very cute pictures! I miss the mountains too! Do you ever get a little claustrophobic with all the trees. Beautiful, but a little crowded sometimes. Nathan and I got engaged at Sundance so we love it too!


Webster's said...

Sjauna - You made me appreciate and remember how great it is to live here!!! Dave e-mailed James your blog address and he passed it on to me. Hope that is ok. We miss you guys!!! I just started a blog It was fun to caught up on you guys. Your kids are getting so big!!! They are really cute.


Starley Family said...

Such a babe! I love the photo of you with the kids. So sad but I haven't ever been to Sundance. There you go something to add to the to do list. Glad to see you guys were able to hang out with the extended fam. Life can be lonely away from them.

adrienne and ryan said...

So I decided to peak at your blog and I have to say that your kids have the cutest chubby cheaks ever!

Brendalyn said...

I love Sundance so much, especially in the summer time. My family lived up that canyon for a few years and it was so fun. I am so jealous!

Callie and Grant Lippard said...

Remember my birthday brunch up at sundizzy? I loved that day. On the way up we listened to U2 "it's a beautiful day". That song always reminds me of that day and the drive up to sundizzy. Was that my 21st? The picture with your mom peeking around the tree cracks me up! It's like it's owen and evie(my best friend) and then all the sudden... Karen!

becca g said...

What pretty pictures!! I have to agree with you about the mountains. They are amazing how they rise up so high compared to the relatively flat spaces around them.