Thursday, July 24, 2008

Llamas, Goats, and Thanksgiving

First, I have to ask, does anyone else think llamas are hilarious?

Look at that.

And what about goats? Aren't you cracking up? Come on, admit it.

No, just me? How can you look at that and not laugh?

Okay, now on to my (belated) post's purpose.
I love Thanksgiving Point. I have to admit that when it first opened, I was disappointed. I don't know exactly why my feelings have changed. Maybe it's more of a family place, and I didn't have children. Maybe they have expanded, and there is more to do now. Maybe my expectations have evolved. I'm not sure why, but I love it now. The gardens are extremely impressive given the climate. The children's garden is a blast (especially if the children are wearing swimsuits!). A dinosaur museum? Golf? A cute little scenic "village" with a gift shop, a deli, and an old fashioned ice cream shop? More? More? More? I love that there is always something going on. If you're in town, just check their calendar.
One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving Point is Farm Country. Well priced (at $3.50 which includes a pony or wagon ride) and well cared for (unlike this other "farm"), the kids love wandering around and feeding the animals ($.25 for a handful of dry corn). I love that they get to be around animals - a rarity for our apartment living.

Seek and Find:
Evelynn feeding a weird sheep with big pointy black horns
Owen and a llama sizing each other up
Evelynn's pony ride on the "pink pony"
Owen's "yee-haw!"
Evelynn afraid of a huge and very loud Jersey cow.
Evelynn asking to go feed some more sheep instead of feeding more cows.
Owen "twapped"
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Heather said...

I don't think they're funny, but I do think they're gross. My poor kids. Hopefully their father will take them to do that stuff. I'll tag along and take pictures.

adventure knitter said...

I just wish you had seen the crazy llama that we saw when we were there! He was hilarious in all his buck-toothy-ness!