Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hidden Treasure?

Just before we moved from Utah a few years ago, they started building a huge park in Orem. We heard great rumors about it, so we were excited to check it out a couple of years ago when we went back to visit. With a nice big playground, lots of trees, and a pond with a couple of ducks, it quickly became a favorite. Little did we know, there was even more to discover! I know, can you even believe it?! Talking to my sister-in-law one day during our visit this summer, I learned that across the giant field of grass and parterre garden, there was a big fountain - a fountain that they clean everyday! What?! Enough said. One lazy morning, I threw my kids into their swimsuits, packed a lunch and called my friend, Amy who I knew was in town at her parents house, right up the street.
First stop: the pond.
Amy thought to bring hamburger buns to feed the ducks. Good idea!
Awww, cute friends.

One for the ducks...
One for me!
Owen just chucked his whole hamburger bun into the water as soon as Amy handed it to him. Then he just stood there and watched.
After feeding the ducks, we raced across the field and ate our lunch before diving into this fountain.
So much fun!

The kids had so much fun splashing around.
Evie was the only one brave enough to actually make it under the fountain. Yay!

Most of the time was spend squirming around in the water like this.
What a way to cool off a hot day!
The park also has a weird giant swing structure that looks like a lot of fun (if you can figure out how to use it) and apparently a museum somewhere on the grounds. I think it's the coolest park in the area, but it's hardly crowded whenever we go, so either I've found a hidden treasure, or there's a cooler park that I've yet to discover. Either way, we love it! If you are in town (and you haven't been there), it's called Nielsen's Grove Park at 2000 Sandhill Rd in Orem. Check it out! Go! Play! Be cool!

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