Monday, October 01, 2007

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain

For Evelynn's birthday, I found a (relatively) simple pony cake to make, and she loves My Little Ponies (specifically the mini pony dress up set that she picked out for her friends birthday a couple of weeks ago), so I thought a pony ride would be a fun activity. I scoured the Internet and came across Clark's Elioak Farm (aka Clarkland Farm. I'm not sure why). Mmhhhh, it looked harmless enough. Actually it looked kind of fun. It sounded a lot like our visit to the farm at Thanksgiving Point in Utah last summer - feeding animals, riding ponies, etc. So, we made it a plan. When we got there,... let's just say it was a little different than expected. We started out making our way through a yard that resembled something like Sid's backyard from Toy Story and found several animals to feed. There was food available for purchase with coins, but no one had told us that, so we had to go all the way back to the gift shop to get change. Fun times. So here are some shots of the animals (who I thought could have used cleaner, shadier pens - and probably some more food judging by the way they were eating what everyone was giving them, but at least they didn't look skinny).
This was the demon goat that kept ramming the mini (pygmy?) goats that Evie wanted to feed. Maybe part of the problem was Evie holding the food just out of reach. The poor goats were strangling themselves trying to reach it.
Desperately hungry sheep and some little goats to pet/chase.

Then we found the "PonyRides" which I'm no equestrian, but I think that is a horse. Not a pony. That's okay though. We weren't complaining.
Evie's moment of glory.
Cowboy Owen. Riding into the sunset.

And to round out the trip, we took a stroll into the "Enchanted Forrest". I'm not sure "enchanted" is the word I would use. I was thinking more... oh I don't know, on acid? Haha. But the kids had fun, and that's what matters, right. And probably whoever made these things had fun too, so that's cool.


Amelia said...

Did I tell you that Robin Lake is starting up her own birthday party company that would be exactly what you just did (minus the "on acid" enchanted forest and plus an actual pony), but with more animals I think.

Sjauna said...

No! I heard that she had gotten a pony. I'm sure we'll see it sometime. We've been to three different "farms" in the last four months, and my kids still love them.