Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Egg-sitement!

This morning, the kids were upstairs just finishing their baths and getting dressed, when we decided it would be fun to play our new egg game. Then, this crazy thing happened and turned the world upside down. Just look at their faces. It's so confusing.
They saw eggs. Eggs everywhere. That meant the Easter bunny had come!... and... there must be baskets!
Baskets with stuff in them! The kids ran and found their baskets (Evie's My Little Pony and Owen's Tonka truck courtesy of the Easter bunny last year at Grandma and Grandpa Rowe's house) and dug through all the treasure.
Box of Band Aids? check. Toy? check. Healthy snack? check. Man, that Easter bunny would make a good mom!
Evie was right on the ball, she quickly emptied out her basket, pausing briefly for a grateful, excited reaction, and then moved on to what she really wanted...
The candy!

In traditional Owen fashion, he stopped to open the egg before proceeding. Every year he does this. I think it's because the first eggs he had this month had things like sacrament cups or rocks in them, and the second eggs just cracked and got him in trouble. He wanted to make sure this was for real before he made the effort to chase Evie around fighting over them.

Evie on the other hand is a seasoned egg gatherer. She didn't waste any time. But don't worry, she made sure to save some for Owen when he was ready.

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