Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's So Egg-siting!

We took a short break from March Madness last night to begin our Easter weekend Eggstravaganza. We've had a couple of family nights over the last two weeks about the true meaning of Easter. We had a lesson on Easter in Eggs (as seen here and here), and made these resurrection rolls (after which, Evie proclaimed, "Jesus melted!"). I've tried to make sure that commercialism gets a little less playing time then religion in our religious holidays, but then there are always those silly traditions... like coloring Easter eggs (and could somebody explain to me why we do this, because when my kids were asking me, I couldn't think of a good reason, except that they make good deviled eggs).
So, here's our take on the egg coloring tradition.

Like most other traditions, I prefer to put my own twist on this one. I found this idea a couple of years ago - I think it was in Family Fun, and it was so easy, that I have yet to try something new. It requires absolutely zero planning ahead. Unless of course you are out of eggs, white vinegar, or food coloring. Then you may need to make a run to the store.

Start by boiling your eggs, using your preferred method. After the eggs are cool and dry, throw them in a strainer over the sink. Splash some vinegar on, and give them a whirl. I'm not sure what this step is for, or how important it is to make sure the whole egg is covered. I'm not usually too obsessive about it.

Then after protecting your clothes with whatever Amish apron you may have hanging in the pantry, pick your color or colors. My kids and Dave liked picking as many color combinations as possible. I, on the other hand, am more of a purist (or mostly I just like to do what everyone else is not doing).

Drip the color(s) on. We use one to three drops per color.

Then swirl your little hearts out.

Be careful not to get too crazy with the swirling and drop the egg down the drain (Note: this was Dave's egg. He was swirling like a mad man.)

Dave learned that if you rinse and dry the strainer out between colors, you can achieve more of a speckled look. I'm not sure what color that is.

I also bought some little Easter stickers at the $1 spot at Target, in case the kids didn't "get" that coloring eggs was fun. Fortunately they liked the coloring and the stickers, and after we finally communicated to Owen that these were not plastic eggs and not meant to be hit on the table and opened, it was great! Only four of our dozen became casualties.

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Heather said...

I love all the pictures!

That's smart to get all the hoopla over on Saturday and save Sunday to be more religious...I sure am glad you had kids first and I can learn all this junk from you! :)

Amelia said...

totally cute! next year (if easter would cooperate and not be in march) then we'll have to do something like this...

great idea!