Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For The Love

A lot of years ago, Callie and I wandered through our friend Dan's bedroom on a tour of his new place. On his desk, he had a little jar from his girlfriend, Mary Catherine with some Riesens in it (have you ever had those? yum, they are delicious! I love them!) and something about reasons why she loved him. Get it? Riesens... reasons. Say it with me now, Aaaawwwww. Precious. I promptly shelved the idea in my brain for later use.
Well, guess what. The time has come. Actually it came about 4 months ago, when we were deciding what to get Dave's family for Christmas. We found some cute jars, bought a bunch of Riesens and different flavors of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses, and got to work. We typed up a few reasons why we loved each family member and then taped each strip of paper around a Riesen. Then I made a little Jar of Love tag that read: When you're celebrating this Christmas, and we can't be with you; Have a Hug and a Kiss, and know that we miss you. Then we loaded up the jars and mailed them to arrive by Thanksgiving, so they could be enjoyed the whole month of December (or after Thanksgiving dessert, if you're like me). Oh, and I also included this picture of the kids.

Actually, I included a different one that Owen is smiling in. In this one, he is saying, "peek-a-boo."
I was planning on sending this idea into Family Fun where you can get a little moolah if they print your great idea, but I never did that, so now I am sharing it with you, for free. Shelve it for Christmas or Valentine's, or just sometime when you live over 2000 miles from your family (or even just down the street - everyone could use a little love).
And technically since it wasn't my idea to begin with, maybe I shouldn't get the money. If any of you know Dan and Mary Catherine, tell them thanks for me, will ya.
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Amelia said...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to use this idea for christmas. That's totally cute!

Clint & Emily said...

Love this!

Robinson Duo said...

That is a great idea. I will certainly shelve it away. And, BTW, I am going to try the orange muffins recipe.