Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good News!

I received some good news in the form of an email from BGE this week. I have spent the last month wondering if all the freezing I was doing was worth it. Well, let's see...

Here's what I had going against me: the month was an average of four degrees colder than last month, there was an extra day in the billing cycle for our heating, and we accidently left the heater on when we left for church one Sunday. Let me tell you how nice it was to come home to that! A cozy 79 degrees! It was great! Unfortunately, not so great on the 'kilowatt hours used'.

Here's what I had going for me: my new moneysaving thermostat, layers of clothing (you have no idea how many pairs of socks I go through), and the fact that kids don't notice a difference between 60 and 90 degrees (if they can do it without complaining, I can do it!).

While this may seem like a small feat to some of you more cold-blooded humans, it was huge for me (back when energy was cheaper and more available, I used to keep my thermostat set at 78!). Are you ready? Our heating bill was down $10 from last month!!! (and $50 less than I was expecting!) Huge. Saving my pocket book and the world all in one freezing month! I think that deserves a pat on the back.


AJ said...

We lowered ours 2 degrees as well this month so we'll see how it goes. Average of 68 I believe.

Starley Family said...

Way to go you guys! Nate thinks I should ask for a new metabolism from Santa because it will be 74 degrees and my teeth are chattering. Pathetic I know but yes you all are my heros. Way to go!