Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today's Top Three

I can't remember the last time I bought music for myself. It was probably a Christmas album in 2003 or something. And before that? Who knows. I have my reasons - moral, financial, and just the fact that everyone else in the car usually cares way more about their music than I do, so I've been using the radio for years. And that doesn't bother me. It usually settles on country, classical, or jazz when I get to choose. But now,...well, apparently my mind is having a musical revival. It's been taking notice and actually expressing an opinion on music. I don't think you can understand how surprising this is to me. It's like a breath of fresh air. It's like all the music in my mind has been shut behind a door and I just opened it. I wonder how long it will last. Because now I have to watch out for appropriate music again. That's probably why I shut it all behind a door to begin with. Anyway, my first three favorites since "the revival":

1. Angels & Airwaves, The Gift

Or also The Adventure.

Thanks to Dave who downloaded this with his iTunes birthday gift.

I pretty much love both of their albums (well, the clean version at

least) Not much of a surprise since I loved a lot of blink-182 once

upon a time, and here is the same lead singer with a different (and

maybe better) band.

2. Daft Punk, Harder Better Faster Stronger

If you need a good song to rock out in the car, this is it.

3. Sum41, With Me

I'm not a Sum41 fan, but I heard this one on a tv show and loved it.

Other artists I'm beginning to show interest in: Unfortunately named, The Weepies ("subtly intoxicating folk-pop") and Ingrid Michaelson. Those are thanks to Old Navy commercials. You can hear their music on their websites... or on the Old Navy commercials and other various tv shows.


Cody said...

This is quite the coincidence! I have been on a huge Angels and Airwaves kick lately. I love their song The Adventure and also Everything's Magic. Sweet stuff. As for Daft Punk, Kanye West just sampled that very song. His version is pretty catchy too, it's also titled Stronger. Good choice in music!

Anonymous said...

I love the Sum41 song too. Nice pick. Have you seen the youtube "groovy dancing girl" to the Daft Punk song? Is a good one!