Sunday, July 15, 2007

Not Dull, Dole!

Mmm mmm mmm!!! How do I love thee, oh pineapple? Let me count the ways...!
fresh, sliced
fresh, sliced, and topped with li hing powder
dried, mixed with honey roasted macadamia nuts
Ashley's pineapple pancakes sound delicious!
every edible way
We went to the Dole Plantation a few weeks ago with Dave's parents, and I've only been back, mmmmhh... twice. And don't worry, I'm not done. On our first trip, we rode the Pineapple Express (train tour), which started out great, because they handed us leis, and then took our picture by the train, and then asked for the leis back. Isn't that great? I thought it was pretty funny. We took a look around the gift shop, which is my favorite on the island so far, and ate some pineapple ice cream. Yum! Seriously, yum! Dave's parents watched a pineapple cutting demonstration which compelled them to purchase a couple of pineapple cutting knives and leave one with us. I had to go back to watch the demonstration, because I couldn't figure out how to use it, but now it's great!

The coolest thing about the plantation was learning that pineapples grow on top of stalks - not along a stalk, like a pumpkin, like I thought, but straight up on top of a stalk. And, in case you were wondering how to grow a pineapple, you just twist off the top, peel off a few of the bottom leaves, soak it until you start seeing roots, and then stick it in the ground. In about 22 months, you should have your first pineapple. After that it will be about 15 months, and then I think another year after that. Then (if you are like the Dole plantations) you reharvest.

This is the only all red cardinal on the island. The others are white and grey with red on their head.

Mad dog pineapple.

If you eat pineapple every day, you might turn into one. Good thing pineapples can hula! Phew!
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Anonymous said...

I had no idea pinapple was pink! Am I just totally out of it?

Sjauna said...

Haha, no. This is actually a different variety of pineapple. You can't just walk out into the file to take pictures, but they have like a billion different varieties growing in this little garden area.

Sjauna said...

oops, I mean field.