Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What Do You Do With 600 Feet of Rope and A Bunch of Woven Nylon Fabric?

Parasail, of course! Duh.
Today Mayka watched the kids for us, so we could go parasailing with Callie and Grant. Crazy! Honestly. Crazy.

This is us before they got out the parachute.

Things were a little different when I saw what we would be doing.

I only screamed a few times. It was a little scary - especially the take off, landing, and the touch down in the water, but up high it was so peaceful and quiet. It is definitely something I would recommend. Such a different perspective of the water.

Can you see Dave flying? He was showing me here that he was not afraid to let go with both hands like I was. Big deal.

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Amelia said...

Awesome! We did that the first time we went to Hawaii and I was so motion sick during and afterward...a week or two later I realized it was because I was pregnant! Good times though!

melissacrowther said...

How Fun! I would totally do that, but Aaron wouldn't. Did you just love it? You guys look like you are having a ton of fun! I am glad, but we miss you! Love your blog!