Monday, May 28, 2007

Riders In The Sky

I finished my second quilt ever! Yay! My first one was a rag quilt I gave to my nephew, Oliver a couple years ago. It was really cute camping material. Let me just say, rag quilts are a lot easier to make than real quilts. Actually this was a pretty simple one too. It was a pattern called Yellow Brick Road (it has super easy instructions to follow - all you need is some fat quarters), and the design was supposed to be much more random, with none of the same material touching, but I thought this one would look better all touching. I don't know. Like I said, it's my second quilt. Anyway, then my friend who has a quilting machine as big as my front room, quilted so cute little swirls and stars all over it and showed me how to sew the binding on (the coolest thing by the way, and way easier than I thought). Sew I took it to California, finished it, and gave it to another nephew, Landon. Maybe one of these days I will finish Evelynn's quilt that I started four years ago and make one for Owen, too.

This picture was before the quilting and binding. I didn't get a completed picture. It's all flannel. The dark blue is cowboys and cactus, the off-white is horseshoes and cute little horses, and the red is like a paisley/bandanna print.
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