Sunday, January 14, 2007

Beach Baby II

Here's Evie walking backwards and giving me a little wave. You can tell it took a little concentration. The tap shoes are pretty slippery, so she has a hard time walking in them frontwards, let alone backwards.
Making a circle with their teacher (she stood on stage and led most of the dances).
After they made their circle, they went back to find their spots, and the blonde girl in front of Evelynn took her spot, so she stood right in front of everyone pointing at her until she moved off of her spot. Hahaha, it was pretty funny. I was laughing too hard while taking the picture of her pointing, so it didn't turn out. Incidently, the little blond girl next to her is the one who Evelynn is always playing with during dance class (yes, I said during dance class). Like, last week, the rest of the class was all dancing and paying attention, and Evelynn and this little girl were looking up at something on the wall. It must have been very important.
There she is. That's my little girl. (and Dave's)
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