Thursday, January 18, 2007

Merry Christmas and All That Jazz

... and that will bring the score to 51-41 Jazz, and we'll break for the half.... the Wizards are making and amazing come back, and they've just tied the game... I guess a tie wasn't enough for the Wizards, they're going to bring it up ten points... oh and what a game! The Jazz are fighting for this one! 111-111 with 11 seconds left! It is anyone's game... 4, 3, 2, 1, and what a shot! Gilbert Arenas has just made the perfect three point shot, and won the game for the Wizards!...

Sad. Well for Dave at least. The people sitting next to us were actually rather excited. On Martin Luther King Day, Dave got to use his Christmas present - tickets to see his favorite NBA team - the Jazz. They came out to play the Washington Wizards, so we were definitely not at home, but we weren't alone. I was surprised how many Jazz fans were there. We ate at Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries before the game, and it was packed with Jazz fans. Not that it's that big of a place, but the burgers are delicious. We had a discussion with our friends afterwards about the best burger places. Aside from Five Guys, the favorites were Checkers (another popular chain out here in the east), Kua Aina Sandwich Shop (in Hawaii, where you can get a whole avocado on your 2/3 pound hamburger), and of course, In-N-Out (but I was alone in that one).
The tickets were top secret, so I could surprise Dave on Christmas, I even had them sent to a neighbors house, so he wouldn't by chance get them in the mail, but the word spread to a few people, who also got tickets, so we had some friends to go down with. Natalie was the only one who brought a camera (so I copied this from her blog - I hope that's okay Natalie), and a stranger took the picture with somewhat of a shaky hand I'm afraid, so sorry about the blur.
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