Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Waiting on the World to Change...

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is my story.

Approximately nine months ago (I don't know specifics on this kind of thing), a little seed was created that has been growing, and incubating in my now rather large belly. Rather larger than I appreciate. I was very sick for a few months. I recovered, and then had a great while of peace and plenty and prancing in the pleasant joy of motherhood coming once again. We got some pictures showing the growing babe to be a BOY (by the way), and life was grand.

You may or may not know that I live in Russia. But I am American. And in Russia, I have American doctors. Doctors who highly recommend choosing a place outside of Russia to birth babies. Not that people don't have babies in Russia. Probably every day this happens. But from what I gather, the purpose of leaving Russia is just to find someplace with similar medical care/procedures than what I and the doctors are familiar with.

Just in case.

So I did.

About six weeks ago, I packed up all my three kids (well, technically four, but the fourth one didn't require too much packing yet), and flew them over the north pole, and across time zones to good 'ole Orem, Utah.

First Question: Why Utah? Do you have family there?
Best Answer: It was the best place for us. I do have family here. I have a sister-in-law (and family, including cousins for my kids) and a brother who live here. And it is within "more-affordable, easier-than-Maryland traveling distance" of both of our parents and plenty more family and friends. I had my oldest baby here, so I am familiar with the doctor and the hospital (one less thing to worry about). Also, Utah is loaded with clean, safe parks, great libraries, free activities, cultural activities, etc. = plenty for me to do with my kids. Also, people don't look at me like I'm crazy all the time, walking around pregnant with three older children (four kids?!?! what kind of crazy?!?), and no wedding ring, because it hasn't fit for a month. Oh, and no husband, because he has this little thing called a job that he has to be at, dangit. Oh, okay, and one last thing, I promise - I really do get service with a smile from everyone, even when my gaggle of children are climbing the walls and making messes everywhere. That can go a long way for a single pregnant mom of three living in a hotel and homeschooling!

Okay, Next Question: Where are you staying?
Answer: Oops, I gave that one away. We are staying in a hotel (with two bedrooms and a kitchen). I worry way too much to ever stay with someone I know for that long, and the couple of furnished houses we were interested in didn't work out. This was where I wanted to stay, and I'm very happy with it. Last week the people downstairs complained that there was too much running going on, so we tiptoed for a few days, but guess what? they checked out Sunday. It's great.

Next: What are you doing with your kids?
Answer: This has been the hardest part of the whole process. I considered leaving them home with Dave/neighbors/nanny, but we decided it would be best to take them out of school, and bring them along. It was a tough decision on what to do about school once we got here, and after a lot of research and thought, I decided homeschool would be the way. So, I've been exercising my brain beyond it's normal activity to try to pick up in the middle of the school year, incorporating the concepts they are missing at school back home as well as things I want them to learn and things they would like to learn, ALL without having the slightest clue what I'm doing (Evelynn reminds me). Plus, trying to have some sort of work to bring back to their teachers to show that we really did do school work, but worrying that it will just show how completely inadequate that this has been. Mmmhhhhh..... was it a mistake? No, I'm still glad I'm doing it, but it's very difficult. And P.S. they are involved in a couple of classes to keep at least some socialization going outside of cousins and church.

Okay, Last Question: How long will you stay?
Answer: They sent me out six weeks before the baby was due, and I will stay six weeks after the baby is born, assuming everything goes well, everyone is healthy, and we can get all the paperwork and everything done that we need to get a six week old baby to Russia.

So, that's it.

My due date is tomorrow. And here I sit. Waiting on my world to change.

Oh, and Dave is here now. But he won't get to stay forever, so it would be nice if the Boy would come sooner rather than later. All three of my other babies have come at least a week early, so we're all a little baffled by the delay, but I guess sometimes it takes a while to change the world.

And P.S. this is the answer for my radio silence. As well as absence of pictures. And if you live locally here in the USofA, and haven't heard from me, you are in good company. I've spoken with about 8 different people and seen fewer than that (not including strangers, of course. I'm always talking to strangers. Just don't tell my kids). The End. Good Night.

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