Friday, September 16, 2011

What We've Been Doing

In July and August:
(I'll catch you up with June, eventually)

playing games

visiting some Russian sights
the changing of the guard

photographing a "how I cut Owen's hair" tutorial, and then realizing that my alien fingers are way too embarrassing to post online

making bread on the floor in the living room, because I couldn't get the transformer to work in the outlet in the kitchen, and I had already added all the ingredients

turning 6!, getting nerf guns, posing for an awesome picture, and then getting the nerf guns put away after half an hour of fighting (we've sorted it out now)

going on mom's crazy summer field trips
(and making mom take a picture of us posing... can't... make... it... too... many... stairs...)
trying to get Barb's face in a picture (smile is a bonus)

playing at the playground

all this time I thought she was saying Grandpa, "uhpa? uhpa?", nope she's been saying iPad. and she is proficient at locating and operating netflix.

losing a first tooth! finally!

starting 2nd grade (and trying to figure out this new uniform thing.)

starting kindergarten!!!

starting her first and last year at home alone with mommy...
because baby number 4 is on the way!!!

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