Monday, August 01, 2011

This is Pukh

In Russian, the letter X makes a harsh h sound. In English the closest way to spell it is "kh" even though that's not really how you would say it.
And in Moscow, we have pukh.
It's not exactly something I can google (my primary source of information), so I don't know exactly why it's here, but I can tell you it is little white fuzzy things in the air everywhere.
When I was a kid, according to my Dad, someone had a cottonwood tree (I don't know how he knew that, but he knows everything, so I believe him). And in the Spring, the cottonwood had these little white puffs that blew out into the air, and one year landed and planted in our backyard. The next year we had a little cottonwood sapling. I wonder if it's still there.
So that's what it reminds me of, only it is everywhere. In the entire city. Everywhere you go, and the fuzz just collects in corners, and when you open the door it floats into your house, and then collects in corners and behind the tv, and in the shower.
And I feel like it collects in my nose and my mouth and my ears. It's so crazy.
And this happens every Spring. It comes and it goes, like snow in June, and people just go on with their lives.
I kept trying to get pictures of it in the air (like taking pictures of rain), but I didn't try hard enough, because this is what you get.


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