Saturday, April 23, 2011

World Thinking

I know by the title of this post, you may think that I'm going to wax philosophical and educate you on matters of the world. Let me just set you straight.
This is about Girl Scouts.
In Girl Scouts, once a year they have a World Thinking Day. I believe that the intention is a good one, and hopefully in many troops around the world, young girls are being taught and learning to think a little bit more seriously about the world around them - near and far.
Our troop is run a little untraditionally, so we pretty much just had fun.
Our assigned country was Thailand. The girls got to wear cute costumes and glittery crowns to do a cute little "Thai" dance.
and they made glittery letters and had a sample of some chicken satay. Yum!

And when the guest speaker got up and waxed philosophical to a room full of impressionable young girls about how "you may think you want to stay home and not go to work, but you would not really enjoy it....going to work gets you money and respect from men", I about walked to the front of the room and punched her lights out and set everybody straight. But I thought that might show that staying at home and not going to work encourages violence and pent up anger, so I looked over at our little troop of girls, and then around at the other girl scouts who were just short of twiddling their thumbs as the lady droned on about girls in India who have to collect firewood and wash all their clothes by hand, and I bit my lip.

Those girls aren't going to learn about families from a crazy lady at a Girl Scout activity. They're going to learn about families in their own families. And I'm so thankful for mine. Every last bit of it.

Sorry, I guess this ended up being a little bit about Girl Scouts and families.
(and I really do mean "a little bit" because I could go on about both...)

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