Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Week

Here are a few pictures from our Easter week:
dyeing eggs. we did the coloring in one night, and then planned to "decorate" the eggs another night, but the kids chose to play outside each night instead. i was afraid they wouldn't have egg decorating stuff here, so when i saw it, i bought it. again. and again. and again. i've definitely got enough for next year. and it's cool stuff too - sparkles, pom poms, little russian shrink wrap papers. maybe you'll see it next year. or maybe i'll use it for something besides eggs.
we also bought the little kolich (Easter cake) at Owen's request. either we are adjusting to Russian flavors or it really wasn't that bad, because it really wasn't that bad. i'm guessing that they really are kind of yummy (not like the Christmas spice cake), because they are everywhere this week, and the kids both had some at school. the letters on top are Хв for Khristos voskres - Christ is risen. for a country who was without religion for so long, and hasn't really revived all of their religious holidays, Easter is really big around here.

on Saturday mid-morning while the kids were watching a movie downstairs, the Easter bunny made a visit, and this is what it looked like:
a big trail of candy and hidden easter baskets.
owen got these asterix and obelix toys that we saw in paris. have you ever seen that cartoon? i remember liking it as a kid, but when i read the books/comics now, i can't imagine how i possibly understood what was going on. maybe the cartoons are different. in any case, owen likes it.

the kids played outside the rest of the day, and then in the late afternoon, we got together with some friends for an egg hunt, an egg roll (which is basically two seconds of rolling and then 10 minutes of fighting over who was first. at least no one got hit with a wooden spoon), and then a potluck. it was a lot of fun, and my highlight was finding liquid smoke at a store in Russia (it was not easy to find), so that I could make kalua pork! yum!
(and please excuse the growing-out-of-winter-clothes-played-outside-all-day-can't-believe-the-sun-is-shining-and-it's-60-degrees style)

my favorite part of the week though was reading the scriptures every night about what Jesus did during the week, finishing up with today:
"He is not here, for He is risen"
and eating our Easter feast today - flatbread, cheese, fresh fruit, dried fruit, hummus, grape juice - things we think that Jesus would have eaten.

Happy Easter!

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