Thursday, March 10, 2011

Les Macarons

While we were on vacation (in Dubai - I'm sorry! this is my last post about Dubai!!), we went to the mall. A lot. That is where the American food was. And I miss American food.
So, on our first trip to the mall, when I first looked up after getting off the shuttle, the first thing I saw was PF Changs. And I almost melted from pure joy (and probably from all the extra salivation). I realized I had been hungry for four months.
The second thing I saw was Fauchon. A real, true, authentic French bakery(/candy/gift shop). I can't even describe the bliss. I felt light as a feather. I'm getting lightheaded just thinking about it.
After dinner one day, Dave bought us (the term us being used loosely here) this box of macarons. Also known to many as macaroons, these are not related to the American coconut macaroon, so according to wikipedia, some people (but not all people) have changed the spelling to macaron to clarify the difference. I've always been confused about that, so hopefully now you have some clarity. If you were also confused.
Potato Pototoe.
So, anyway, now I have my very own pictures of macarons.
As you can see, I couldn't wait to eat some before I had the chance to take pictures.
They were divine.
By the way.

I've always wanted my own picture like this.
And now, I want to see if I can make my own macarons.
Good bye cupcakes, hello macarons.

Also, I'm looking forward even more to going to Paris one day. Oh, to eat at Laduree!
Okay, I've gotta go. I'm getting hungry.

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