Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Baby Turns One

Sitting in our hotel room one afternoon in Dubai, (our very nice, too expensive hotel room) a few guys came to freshen up the room. And while they were working, the doorbell rang, and in comes this guys with a rose and a little cake, smiling all big, and greets me with a big
"Happy Birthday!"
"No no no. You've got the wrong room. It's not us. It's not anyone's birthday." I said, trying to rush him out before he loses his job or something (it was that kind of very nice, too expensive hotel).
He looked crestfallen, and turned to walk out, only to return a minute later and say that it was the right room, showing me the little card, printed on the front, "Ms. Barbara"
Okay, so the thought had crossed my mind, but I didn't really think they would be bringing a rose and a decadent chocolate cake to a baby the day before we were checking out and two days before her birthday.
I guess I was wrong (it was that kind of very nice, too expensive hotel).
So, we did our best to make amends with the cute man who brought the gifts, accepted them, and then gave Baby
her first bite of cake!

Or maybe she took her first bite of cake.

A couple of days later, at home, we had some presents and more cake!

Now the notes:
1. Dave wrapped the presents. Good job, Honey!
2. We bought the presents second hand at a baby sale before we left the States, thinking we would use them for Christmas and Birthday. Well, we didn't use them for Christmas. And it was a lot of little people. Plus the ball track. She didn't know what to do with it all.
3. Before leaving for Dubai, I forgot that we would be coming back in the middle of a bunch of holidays (Russian and American), and that a lot of stores would be closed, so I had to make the cupcakes with what I had on hand. They weren't as "fun" as I could have made them, but I still think they turned out cute. Poor third child.
4. We haven't taught her how to blow yet, so she had to put the candle out by waving her arms really fast. Poor third child. (or maybe she's just dancing to the musical candle that Dave found).
5. Happy Birthday, Baby!!!

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