Sunday, October 25, 2009

Burgers and the Beach

Something in my mind would not let me move on in my postings until I had posted about these burger places. The problem is that one of these collages was on one computer and the other was on another. And while that may seem simple enough to you... it sounded complicated to me, so I've been busy getting other things done rather than posting about my life.
Because you need to know about burgers.
On Oahu.

Because maybe I'm just a burger person.
Okay well I am. Really a big burger person (except for the period of "vegetarianism" that I went through, when I figured out that In N Out made "grilled cheese" just as good as their burgers), BUT what's better than a big juicy burger, some salty fries, and a ice cold drink after a few hours at the beach?

Mmmhhhh, nothing. That's what.

So, here you are:

When we visited the east or southeast part of the island, our burger joint of choice was Teddy's Bigger Burgers. SO good!!! (there is also a location in Waikiki, and rumored to be one opening in Kapolei! lucky!)

I was going to make this post a "Burger Battle" post, but I can't even pretend I'm a foodie long enough to compare burger joints. Sorry.

What we love about this place: super casual, kitschy, sort of beachy vibe, good old oldies music keeps it family friendly, burgers are super juicy, yummy special sauce, everything we've tried on the menu is delicious!, you can get tater tots (I'm not a fan, but Dave thinks it's cool), you can get corn dogs! (I was really into these while I was pregnant. wait, I still am pregnant), they have cherry coke on tap (always a plus for me), they have fantastic shakes! (why is it that every place that has cherry coke, also has delicious shakes, so I have to choose between the two for my beverage?), yum! yum! yum!

What we don't love so much about this place: mmmhhhhh..... thinking..... thinking.... oh, the buns are a little on the softer/thinner side, so if you don't eat the burger quickly enough, the juice will soggy the bun. Also, not a ton of seating, and the place is always crowded. We've always been able to find a spot, but it's a little bit of a stressful process for me.

Do you like how I just made soggy a verb, by the way? That can be a verb, right?

Okay, so Teddy's! Do it!

I'm sorry that I have so many food related posts in Hawaii.

When we were up on the north shore (or even if we weren't, haha), we would eat burgers here! At Kua'Aina Sandwich Shop in Haliewa. (there is also a location in Honolulu, if you need a quick fix)

Can you say fresh?

What we love about this place: looks fresh, tastes fresh, IS fresh (in fact, if you get there too late in the day on a busy day, you could miss out on tomatoes, or avocado or something like that. we've even caught them out of lettuce), avocado man! if you like avocado, you are going to get an entire half of one on your burger here, consider yourself warned!, grilled pineapple! makes my mouth water, options options options (although we love our regular order so much that we rarely venture from it), plain bun, condiments on the table, brilliant, shoestring fries, just add salt (if you are a salt fanatic like me), and pickles! .25 for a slice, stock up baby!

Could you possibly ask for anything more?

What we don't love so much about this place: the bun is a little thick (who knew burger buns were so important?), probably fine for a huge burger, but a little too much bread for my little kiddie burger,..... anything else?.... oh yeah, cash only, so be prepared for that, and it's a little spendy for a burger joint... and that's it!

We love Kua'Aina!

We love the beach!

We love burgers!


adventure knitter said...

thanks a lot, now i'm hungry and want a burger. what the heck am i supposed to do on a sunday night about that??? great.

AJ, PharmD said...

Go to Five Guys for FHE tomorrow Amy! Thanks for taking us to Kua'Aina guys, it was awesome!

Heatherlyn said...

Actually, your burger collages turned out great. You have me convinced that has got to be the way to go when doing visuals of food places! And, buns are VERY important. I think they can make all the difference. I'm not a bun person, particularly. I hate it when a perfectly wonderful burger is slapped between two mediocre buns. I often remove one of mine if I can get away with it. I'd probably like the thinner buns! All your pictures looks so good!

Lyndsie said...

Yummy!!! Both of those places were sooooooooooo good. :) Makes me want to go back just for that. You were the best host, telling us of all the yummy places to eat. Thanks!!! :)

Cal said...

If you ate them protein style, you don't worry about the bun :) I'm totally into burgers because my little man makes me eat them all the time. Too bad I'm not in Hawaii.

Hizzeather said... I'm hungry! :)