Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Times Like These...

I love to take pictures of pictures. Scanning is way too labor intensive.

Owen is sitting on the sofa, playing Mariokart, proclaiming his love for Princess Peach.

And now he just said, "My oh my, what a wonderful day."

I love that kid.

And it's times like these that I wish that I twittered. Tweeted. Twitted. ? Whatever.

Also, I've been cooking, Evelynn started Kindergarten (ahhh! Kindergarten!) and turned 6, Owen started preschool, and.... what else? Oh yeah, Dave is amazing.

Oh, and we moved into a new place, and I'm thinking that maybe once I finish unpacking, I'll start blogging again. We'll just have to see though won't we?

P.S. I love Maryland.
(oh, and speaking of which... the National Book Festival is going on this Saturday down on the mall. I've always wanted to go, so if you're local, go check it out and let me know if it's worth it. And also (is this getting too long?), the White House Fall Garden Tour is coming up October 17th and 18th. I know they give out tickets in the morning for that, but I don't know how early you have to be there to get them. Anyone else know anything about that?)

I love my life.

That's it for now.


Ashley said...

Horray for blogging again! So nice to hear that everything is so wonderful! My blogging request: a picture of you pregnant since I'll never see it. Still hard to belive.

adventure knitter said...

I want to see your hair short, like it is in that picture...

Hizzeather said...


{Not that I should talk :)}

Cal said...

I love your engagement pictures. Did Anne take that one? Good to hear life is so great. I am sweating my brains out. Hopefully the weather is treating you a little better out there.

Sjauna said...

I'll see what I can do for you Ashley. I prefer not to document times like these. :)

I think I'll get my haircut next week, Amy. But don't get your hopes up. The thing is, that was a really great picture. Even my short hair wasn't that cute all the time.

Nice to hear from you too Heather. Now stop looking at me swan.

Anne did take that picture, Cal, and I love it too. And I'm sorry you're losing your brains. Hopefully, you're keeping them nearby in a bowl. The weather is much nicer here, I think, but then again we do have AIR CONDITIONING! Feel free to come visit any time.

In fact will you all please make arrangements to be here December 3rd or 4th or 5th? I'll be celebrating the big 3-0 and my birthday wish is to have you all here. (I realize that means you may have to give birth mid-flight, Cal, but look, we make sacrifices for our friends)

Thanks. And sorry about the lengthiness of the comment.

Anonymous said...

NO STINKN' WAY!!! I have that same picture frame!!

Deborah T

Our Family said... that you're back, where are you?? My Phone # is 703-220-8733. Let's get together!

Heatherlyn said...

I don't think your posts have been showing up on my blogroll! That's not good! I love your picture of a picture! And how great is it that you can have months on the very West coast of Hawaii and then also enjoy all the awesome cultural things on the East coast near DC? I bet it is beautiful this time of year! I really enjoy your blog posts!

Erin Spencer said...

Sjauna! Hey, just got your comment on my blog--thanks--and, hullo, how could I forget you?! Hope you are enjoying life in MD still. You should look up my folks sometime. They live near Annapolis.

Stephanie Faris said...

I found you through Heatherlyn's blog. I love your positive attitude! And I agree...scanning is way too labor-intensive, plus with scanning we wouldn't be able to see that lovely frame.