Friday, July 17, 2009

Ahhhh.... Summer!

We started the morning of Independence Day the same way everyone does... french toast, of course! And we almost did french braids, but Evie decided against it at the last minute. We are American, after all.
So, we grabbed the classic American KFC for lunch and went to the local park for a picnic. I can only eat KFC about once a year, but it always reminds me of summers at my Grandparents'. My Grandma loved to get "Kentucky Colonel" for picnics. Personally, I just love their mashed potatoes.
Then we broke out the kites! We bought them about two months ago, and haven't been able to use them yet. The kids have begged every day, but the trade winds disappeared for a while. This day was a perfect day!
And let me tell you, these $5 Target kites were awesome! Look at Evelynn rockin' this kite all on her own! We ran up and down the street all day in 120 mph wind when I was a kid and couldn't get our kites up. Evie and Owen would get them up, fly them, and then make them crash just to do it all over again.
And when he got bored with that, Owen would chase the kites shadow.
I love lazy summer days. It just makes me want to make some homemade lemonade!


adventure knitter said...

Evie's so tan! Man I wish I could skip over there and hang out for a couple of hours.

Cal said...

Leave it to Dave to have genius kids at an originally Chinese past-time. Kite flying.

Heatherlyn said...

You really take very good pictures. You get great angles.

Our kids would love to fly kites. Every single time we have tried we have had no success. It must be the kites. I guess we need to buy them at target!

I love french toast!