Thursday, July 23, 2009

O's Birthday

Owen was so excited for his birthday! I love this age where they can really look forward to it, and yet don't have any expectations. So fun!

We started the morning with the traditional clue/treasure/present hunt (with THE cutest wrapping paper ever! - can you see it? cowboys on one side and cow print on the other. it probably doesn't help that I love cowboy stuff - note the cowboy pajamas. Owen could care less). If you can see it in the blurry pictures, that is Mario for the DS. Owen doesn't have a DS yet, but we thought he could use Dave's and now he's pretty much addicted. We were hoping he would get it all out of his system, and then be a healthy, well-rounded video game fan. It appears, he is still a boy, and we will have to begin imposing some restrictions on the game time sometime in the near future. He wants to be Junior Bowser for Halloween. What have we done? (hey, at least he's getting better at his L's, so he can pronounce Luigi correctly.)

In the afternoon, we headed outside to use the other half of his birthday presents. Dave showing Owen how it's done, and Owen is so obviously interested... in something on his shoe. Owen taking the bat. After a few swings, he got one, and was unstoppable after that. The kids took turns being the catcher/chaser. They decided that hitting the tree trunk was a home run, and by the time we left, the tee was about two feet from the tree trunk. Don't judge the stances, we don't know anything about baseball in our family. Except me. I pretend like I know. I was sitting in a beach chair with the camera saying things like, "Drop your shoulder. Raise your elbow. Back up. Keep your eye on the ball." Hey, I've been to a Dodger game.

After the park, we grabbed Owen's requested (at Evelynn's suggestion) pepperoni and sausage pizza. I don't think he likes sausage. We had baseball cake from Safeway. I love Safeway cakes. I've been looking forward to all the birthdays this summer, so I don't have to make the cake, and we can get one from Safeway. Yum! Then Owen opened the presents that we forgot about that morning - toy space shuttle, space station, moon rover, or something like that, and a bunch of astronauts (Dave's parents had sent them early, and they were sitting on the closet shelf.). Also a sticker book, that I promptly hid to save for the plane flight home. My Mom had Owen open her presents while she was in town. A couple of little foam/dart kind of "shooter gun" things. Owen was in heaven. If there were a better place than heaven, that's how I would describe it. He has been obsessed with "shooter guns" for a while now, and asks for one every time we pass the Nerf section at Target.

And that completes my little man's fourth birthday. I can hardly believe it.


Heatherlyn said...

Wow! 4 years went by really fast! he's sure a cutie! I love the picture collages. They look great. I might do something like that some time. You got some really cute pictures of him.

Once the kids are in school, with activities and homework they really don't have time to play video games during the school year. We let our kids play in the summer time after they've done their piano practice, reading, chores etc. It's pretty good incentive for them. I don't think you have to worry about anything. You are such a good Mom your kids are going to grow up and be great!

Cal said...

I'm just curious... what makes a safeway cake better than a costco cake? (if anything) and Happy Birthday O!