Monday, April 27, 2009


We've had a couple of visitors this month. The first one came a couple of weeks ago. We're not sure exactly who it was, but whoever it was came early on a Saturday morning while the kids were watching tv. They left trails of candy all over the floor, baskets full of treats on the beds, and snuck out one of the bedroom doors, leaving the door open. Weird.

Evie also noticed that this visitor made the beds! Candy for breakfast and they didn't even have to make their beds? Wow.... Best. Day. Ever.

Then, last week, our friends, Dr. and Mrs. Longmore, hailing from Kansas City (well, technically "hailing from" Idaho, and visiting from Kansas) came to stay for a few days. Ryan, one of Dave's high school friends, is in residency, making the long, dreary trip towards becoming a cardiologist (just kidding about the dreary part. actually, I don't know. I never made it past medical school. or to medical school for that matter.), and Erin is a nutritionist (which is kind of funny, because I have another friend Erin who is a nutritionist. And, now that I think about it, if you are reading my blog there is probably a 90% chance that you know her too.).
Anyway, they were super fun to have around. Once I realized that Ryan was, like, a real doctor, I started asking him all sorts of medical questions, and I didn't have an anxiety attack when my thumb started randomly burning (by the way, sometimes cutting habanero peppers will make your fingers burn. A lot. I swear I've cut peppers before. I think. Look, I don't cook a lot.).
And Erin. Erin, who we hadn't met before, was so nice. She just kept telling me that we eat pretty healthy. I mean, in all fairness, she does work at a bariatric clinic, so maybe what we eat is healthy compared to her normal clients (patients?), but I'm pretty sure we don't eat healthy. Especially the day where we ate a huge lunch and then had two desserts, skipped dinner, and snacked on chips and hummus after 8 o'clock.
Anyway, here they are at our new (long story) favorite beach, Lanikai. Ryan and Erin wanted to do everything, so we happily obliged. We dragged them all over the island and had a great time. I hope they had fun too, even though my kids couldn't keep their names straight (they have an Uncle Aaron, and a girl who babysat them is named Ryen, so they kept mixing up the gender). And I hope I can get some of the pictures that they took. I didn't tote my camera around, and one day Dave and Ryan were frolicking in the 10 foot waves at Waimea. Doo-hude!

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Heatherlyn said...

I wish we could visit you.

And hey, if I got to eat candy for breakfast and someone made my bed I would think it was the best day ever too!