Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Comparison

Last time we visited Hawaii, Owen wasn't even two. We took a walk down to the beach right after church our first morning in town.
It was his first time in the sand.

And just look at him now. Still loving it.




(I tried to take the same pictures, but they are building a Disney resort where that blue sky was two years ago. It's not quite as scenic.)

Evelynn had been at Cousins Camp with her grandparents during our first week in Hawaii. They brought her out the next weekend. Little munchkin.

I love her now. But I love her then too.

Is it possible to have your kids grow up, but also have them never grow up?


Karen said...

Yep! Just ask me:)

Heatherlyn said...

Oh, I wish! Those are cool before and now shots! What a great idea!

adventure knitter said...

Your kids are looking so grown up! And adorable! I think Evie looks a lot like you! And owen just looks "wooley"

Hizzeather said...

Oh. Wow.